2021 - Reflections

In life, some eras call for reflection. At Lulu, each collection offers an opportunity for us to look back and appreciate how far we’ve come—acknowledging our roots while also celebrating our evolution.
Reflections is all about our commitment to combining organic textures and ancient elements with beautiful stones, resulting in unique pieces that are as timeless as they are contemporary. In addition, Reflections features an aesthetic born of far-flung beach days and the still mirrors of exotic, languid waters. Favorites like turquoise, moonstone, and labradorite meet unexpected touches of fire opal and mother of pearl, coupling with castings and metallic accents to call to mind sunny days, getaways, and seaside respites.
This collection may be born of gazes cast over shoulders—some new pieces are updated echoes of pieces past—but Reflections is really an ode the present. After all, it’s only when we understand where we come from can we know where we’re headed.